Healthy Stovetop Braising Cooking Method

Braising is a healthy method of slow cooking meat, fish and/or vegetables using a small amount of liquid in a covered pan and usually cooked in the oven. This method takes a long time for the dish to be ready to eat. Our stovetop method is a quicker

How to Stovetop Braise

Healthy Sauté your vegetable ingredients for a brief amount of time over medium heat. This brings out the flavor of the ingredients. Add a little liquid and place your meat or fish on top. Cover and simmer over low or medium low heat until done. This is a great method when you want to make a fish and vegetable dish with a light flavorful broth. All you need to do is add rice, pureed peas, or something else to your liking to soak up the broth.

Halibut, Snapper, and Salmon lend themselves well to this cooking method. Also chicken thighs braised with vegetables are perfect for this cooking method. The thighs get very tender and combined with the vegetable makes a delicious broth. Served with healthy mashed potatoes it makes a perfect cold weather meal.

Following are a few of our recipes that uses Stovetop Searing healthy cooking method:

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