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Visitor Questions
Q Since fish have a lot of PUFAs, does cooking fish damage those fats even at low temperatures?

Since omega-3 oils should basically not be heated because they are a lot less stable, what happens to these oils in fish such as salmon when I cook them?

You are correct that omega-3 fats are highly susceptible to oxidation during heating, and this is particularly true when these fats are in a refined state (e.g., flax seed oil or fish oil). When the omega-3 fats are still a component of the food matrix, they appear to be better protected from heat damage/oxidation as research has shown that the omega-3 fats, such as alpha linolenic acid and EPA/DHA are fairly stable in foods when heated (e.g., baked flaxseeds and cooked fish, respectively).

The longer chain omega-3 fats from fish tend to be much more stable under cooking. For example, deep frying mackerel does not appear to significantly change its omega-3 content. The omega-3 fats do, however, tend to leech out of fish into the pan in which the meal is cooked. For example, salmon pan fried in canola oil will lose nearly 20% of its omega-3 content into the cooking liquid (we share this research finding with you even though we don't necessarily recommend this cooking method). Even with this partial loss, this meal would be a good source of intact omega-3 fats.

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