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Q How much turmeric should you use per day? What is the usual amount recommended?

At this time, there isn't enough research evidence to provide a specific daily or weekly intake of turmeric in food form; however, research clearly indicates that regular consumption of this spice may offer important disease preventive properties. We would encourage including turmeric as part of your diet at least several times a week to receive the important benefits this food offers.

As background, the curcumin content of turmeric will vary depending on whether you are using the fresh root or the dried powder. Furthermore, it is difficult to determine how much curcumin you are ingesting when consuming turmeric in these forms. Importantly, researchers have noted that to obtain the most curcumin, be sure to use turmeric rather than curry powder—a study analyzing curcumin content in 28 spice products described as turmeric or curry powders found that pure turmeric powder had the highest concentration of curcumin, averaging 3.14% by weight. The curry powder samples, with one exception, contained very small amounts of curcumin.

Dietary supplement manufacturers use a process known as standardization, which means that turmeric powder is standardized to contain a specific amount of curcumin in every dose. This makes it easy for the consumer to determine exactly how much curcumin they are consuming for a specific health benefit. As our website focuses on nutrient-rich foods and not dietary supplements, we don't answer questions on the latter. We suggest seeking counsel on your question from a licensed healthcare practitioner who is experienced in this area of health promotion.

You can learn more about Tumeric and its health benefits via this article on our website.

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