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As long as I'm sticking with the world's healthiest foods, should I follow my appetite and eat until full?

All of us have gotten into trouble at one time or other by “following our appetite.” The reason is simple: we’re human, and we have an appetite for all kinds of things, including healthy food, delicious tasting food, food that satisfies a craving, or a sweet tooth, or just the need for something pleasurable in the course of a rotten day. As adults, most of our eating habits are complex. We choose our foods for a wide variety of reasons, and these reasons don’t always make sense. We might choose a food because we loved it when we we’re growing up. We might choose it even though we don’t think it’s healthy. We might choose it even though we know it won’t fill us up, and that we will want something else in the next 15 minutes. Sometimes it can be difficult for us to predict what will satisfy us and make us feel “full.”

All of these factors come into play even if we choose the World’s Healthiest Foods. Selecting the World’s Healthiest Foods does not guarantee that we will feel full, or avoid overeating, or walk away satisfied. But it does increase our chances of doing so! The reason is simple: from the body’s point of view, and the needs of our cells, there is nothing more pleasurable than the World’s Healthiest Foods. These are exactly the foods that satisfy us physiologically, and leave our cells feeling full. From the body’s standpoint, no foods are more satisfying. Of course, our cells are not the only parts of us, and we need the experience of eating to be satisfying as well. Unless the experience is satisfying, we won’t be satisfied. The importance of the experience, however, is precisely why we’ve used up so much real estate on this website presenting recipes that appeal to every aspect of experience. We’ve tried to show meals that look exquisite to the eye, that taste delicious, and that bring pleasure at the level of experience. The sheer pleasure of eating is high on our list of values! We believe that selection of the World’s Healthiest Foods, and preparation of these foods in the way that we describe, will maximize your chances of being satisfied and feeling “full.” Even though you can’t always follow your appetite, your chances of being able to do so are the best with the World’s Healthiest Foods and the World’s Healthiest Recipes that we’ve presented on this website.

Send us your favorite recipes using the World's Healthiest Foods, so we can share them with others!

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