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How to ripen blueberries.

If Your Blueberries are not Ripe, Here's How to Ripen Them

Blueberries should be ripened before they are picked. You know your blueberries are not ripe if they have a sour taste. Blueberries can be ripened after they are picked by placing them in a paper bag. Plastic bags will deprive blueberries from oxygen and cause the berries to rot. Fruits produce ethylene gas as they begin to ripen and this gas actually helps the ripening process. Placing your blueberries in a paper bag traps the gas and helps to ripen more quickly. Keep the bag in a dark cool place. This is a very natural way to ripen blueberries. They will soften and get juicer but they will not get sweeter and more flavorful.

Be sure not to place the bag in the sun; this will not help blueberries to ripen but rather to become soft and rot. Don't refrigerate your blueberries until they are ripe. They will not ripen in the refrigerator.

How to Speed Up the Ripening of Blueberries

To speed up the ripening of blueberries add bananas, apples or avocados to the bag to increase the amount of ethylene gas trapped in the bag. The increased amount of gas hastens the ripening process.

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