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Environmentally Sustainable Choices for Halibut

Pacific halibut is the best choice as an ecologically sustainable species of halibut. Sustainable species are those that can be sustained long-term without compromising their survival or the integrity of the ecosystem in which they live. There is little bycatch (unintended catch of other species of fish) from the methods used to fish for Pacific halibut. Combined with good management practices and the use of a quota system, Pacific halibut has remained abundant and a sustainable resource making it your best choice.

In contrast, there is heavy bycatch resulting from the fishing methods used to catch Atlantic halibut as well as damage to their seafloor habitat. They have been overfished for many years, depleting their numbers to very low levels and are not considered a sustainable resource at the present time. But summer flounder or fluke (one type of Atlantic halibut) are no longer considered overfished.

*Information from Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

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