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Why you should select organically grown apples whenever possible.

Pesticide Residues

Even though pesticides are present in food at very small trace levels, their negative impact on health is well documented. The liver’s ability to process other toxins, the cells’ ability to produce energy, and the nerves’ ability to send messages can all be compromised by pesticide exposure. Individuals wanting to avoid these health risks may want to avoid consumption of apples unless grown organically, since apples are among the 12 foods on which pesticide residues have been most frequently found.

Wax on Apples

Conventionally grown apples are usually waxed to retain moisture, help extend their shelf life and protect the apple’s surface during storage or shipping. Wax also gives them an appealing glossy appearance. Organically grown apples are not wax coated, so you can eat the skin of the apple without concern over consuming the wax or any pesticide residues it may contain.

If you purchase conventionally grown varieties, you may want to ask your grocer what kind of wax is used. Carnauba wax (from the carnauba palm tree), beeswax, and shellac (from the lac beetle) are preferable to petroleum-based waxes, which contain solvent residues or wood resins that may penetrate the fruit. There is no good way to remove the wax, although washing with hot water and scrubbing will help. It is best to peel them before eating if they are not organically grown.

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