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Is it safe to consume un-pasteurized honey?

Under certain circumstances, yes, it is not only safe but healthy to consume un-pasteurized honey. (Several studies have found raw, unpasteurized honey to have anti-bacterial properties). The unpasteurized honey you purchase needs to be organically produced and carefully collected and packaged with good quality control and sanitary practices. Often, locally produced and seasonally appropriate honey is the most likely to provide the highest quality and safest product. You will want to make sure that your jar of honey is carefully closed and remains airtight so that moisture from the air will not mix with the honey. Along with the Centers for Disease Control, however, we would make one exception to our unpasteurized honey rules. We would not recommend raw, unpasteurized honey or even pasteurized honey for infants under one year of age unless this honey has been certified free of spores. This recommendation is simply erring on the side of safety. Pasteurization is not reliable for deactivation of spores - nor is filtering, and for newborn infants, we believe such a precaution is worthwhile.

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