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The World's Healthiest Foods Can Help You Lose WeightóTestimonials

Thank you so very much for your food information. I have been religiously following your advice for about two years. I've lost 100 pounds. You literally don't have time to read my long litany of health improvements, but they range from dramatically improved mood to amazing night vision. - BI

I just want to say i've been visiting WHF for a long time. I appreciate the fact that you "get technical" in the descriptions of foods. You don't "dumb it down" but instead explain and go into the science on a molecular level. I have lost 70 pounds (and kept it off) in the last 4 years by changing my exercise/eating habits and the WHFoods List has been a huge help. I have more weight to lose, but by having a scientific understanding of the foods I eat, I'm confident I will reach my goal. - Eleni

With your assistance I have lost 17 pounds which previously seemed impossible. Your recipes taste so good - easy and fast, which is what we all need. I have purchased your book for my mother, sister and two friends. I share your daily recipes with my co-workers who also want your book. Thanks so much for providing all of so much help. - Cheryl

Thank you!!! I just needed to thank you for changing my life. This information has created a better, healthier, more energetic me. I have lost close to 30 pounds by changing my way of eating. I was a terrible fast food, processed food eater, never drank water or ate any kind of fruit now I think I would die without those things. Just the thought of fsat foods makes me sick. I just couldn't let this change in my life go without thanking you so much for helping me. - DL

By using some of your guides, recipes and tips from WHF, I've lost 40 pounds. I feel better and my thinking is more clear. I had high blood pressure but that went away when I lost the weight. - Kmuzu

I love and appreciate the site. I have been on a diet since December and lost 45 pounds. The site is incredibly useful in guiding me towards better foods. - Mike

I've read a lot of your stuff and decided to eat more whole grains and eat fruit in between meals. The result was that I didn't get so hungry in between meals and I lost 30 pounds. When my body craves sweets I know what it wants is sugar and then I eat fruit instead. It always helps. - DF

Because of your great website, whfoods, you have helped change my health for the better. I went from 24% body fat to 13% body fat. Thanks again for your generous knowledge. - GVU

It has been nearly six months since I began changing over to the World's Healthiest Foods and I am pleasantly surprised at my increase in energy, the loss of dress sizes, the overall feeling of good health. I find that my refrigerator is not filled with "empty calories" and that I can always have great snacks and healthy delicious food to eat. - Terri

I bought George's book, the World's Healthiest Foods, in January and had begun to look at how I ate, what I ate, how much I ate. After less than four months, I found my weight down almost 20 pounds, my husband (whom I had not meant to go on a diet, but whose cook is, yes, me) had lost seven pounds as well. My energy level has increased as well, and the level of fruit and veggie intake has increased dramatically. Salads became an adventure and the use of nuts and spices added zest to the foods. - Ann

Your Plan meets all of my requirements for becoming healthy: simple prep time, quick and easy cooking methods and gourmet tasting meals every time! I've lost over 30 pounds in 3 and a half months. I have more energy than I can use, and better skin than I ever would have thought possible. The World's Healthiest Foods are truly the best guide for those of us who want to pursue health while having time to enjoy life outside of the kitchen. - Rosemary

A New Life: I just wanted to email to say that your book has truly changed my life. At 22 years old I had just graduated college and was a complete mess; my diet was terrible, I couldn't fall asleep, I was suffering from anxiety, and I weighed 184 lbs which is a lot for someone of my height. My dad borrowed this book from his friend and I started flipping through it and found everything so interesting and appetizing. He quickly purchased it for me and the day I got it I started with the diet plan.

For 4-Weeks straight I ate nothing but food from your book and I suddenly felt amazing. I can gladly say that now, with the help of your recipes plus yoga and pilates, that I weigh 145lbs! Not only did I lose weight but my entire metabolism changed. I no longer had any desire for sweets, or high fat food and the occasional time I do I find that I don't gain weight as quickly. I have lost weight in the past from other diets but always gain it back once I go back to eating badly but this is not a diet, it.s a way of life. I swear by your book and make recipes for all my friends and they are picky eaters and love them!

For the first time in my life I feel so happy to just be me... my mood has completely changed, I'm motivated, I have confidence. I feel healthy! Not once do I feel deprived because like I said I don't have cravings anymore! My friends ask me how I do it and I tell them... its all about The World's Healthiest foods. I feel great and I'm still losing weight! Now I can't wait to get into that bride's maids dress! Thank you so much, for changing my life. - Amy

You can also lose weight by enjoying the Healthiest Way of Eating. Find out more about the Healthiest Way of Eating and the 4-Weeks Plan in our book, The World's Healthiest Foods,