Environmental Working Group's Dirty Dozen - produce found to have the most pesticide residues - a great resource for helping select foods to buy organic. They also published their Clean 15 - foods found to have the least pesticide residue.
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More About Shiitake Mushrooms From Our Newsletter
Did you know that shiitake mushrooms have been used medicinally by the Chinese and Japanese for thousands of years? Today, we understand more about some of the reasons why they are so good for us. Shiitake mushrooms contain unique phytonutrients including lentinan anderitadenine. Among lentinan's many health benefits is its ability to boost the immune system, strengthening its ability to fight infection and disease. Lentinan provides anti-cancer protection by attracting immune cells that fragment and destroy cancer cells, and has also been shown to be more effective than some prescription drugs when it comes to fighting influenza and other viruses. Eritadenine has been found to lower cholesterol levels, regardless of the type of fat in the diet. Preliminary animal research also suggests that it may help prevent the development of atherosclerotic plaques on arterial walls. Shiitake mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular in the United States. They make a great addition to stir-fried vegetables seasoned with ginger and soy sauce. If you are not familiar with the wonderful smoky flavor and meaty texture of shiitake mushrooms, try some of our tasty, easy to prepare recipes below, which include shiitake mushrooms. Read more. Mushrooms, shiitake

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