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Recipe from a Reader
Enchilada Pie

From Connie Sutherland:

This recipe is based on the terrific new low-carb, low-fat, whole-wheat, soy, and oat tortillas available now. Mine are made by La Tortilla Factory, and they are even available on-line. And I'm sure that other tortilla manufacturers will follow suit and produce more lines of this delicious, healthful ingredient.

The result is a layered tortilla "pie" that cuts into beautiful slices, and goes great with a big green salad, or with some sliced tomatoes with avocados, or maybe steamed greens.


See text.


I spray the casserole dish with extra-virgin olive oil spray, then put a tortilla on the bottom. Then I spread it with whatever cooked beans I have, mixed with fresh, organic, drained salsa, and put another tortilla on top. I spread that one similarly and add a third tortilla, then top that one with any of the non-fat tomato- or tomatillo-based prepared enchilada sauces available everywhere, cover the casserole, and bake at 350 to 375 degrees for about 1/2 hour, then ten minutes uncovered. The juices oozing out of the sides should be bubbling. The variations are endless. My favorite is to make one of the layers from cooked, shredded, organically-raised chicken breast meat, mixed with drained salsa or with a homemade Mexican cooking sauce. Also, a layer of grilled onions and bell peppers is terrific. And if the salsa is light on the fresh cilantro, I like to add more. This recipe isn't really even a recipe; it's just a guide for creating your own recipe! It can be made as simply as you like with purchased fresh salsas, or as complex as you like with homemade tomatillo-based or roasted-tomato-based cooking sauces. Vegetarian refried beans are easy to spread on one of the layers, too. And the baking temperature is flexible. Enjoy! People love this dish!