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Recipe from a Reader
Using Canned Wild Salmon

From Connie Sutherland:

We all know about the many benefits from eating salmon, and now we have learned that farmed salmon is far inferior in nutrition, not to mention the threat it poses to the fishing industry.

But serving fresh wild salmon two or three times a week on a budget can be very difficult! And canned salmon, until recently, has been a mighty poor substitute. But canned wild salmon can be not only convenient, but amazingly inexpensive, and not terribly high in sodium, either!

Of course, canned food is not to be compared with fresh food; we all know that. But I think that canned wild salmon is a terrific item for stretching the fish budget and getting more Omega-3s into the diet.


I like to make a big mixed green salad, dress and toss it, and then top it with canned wild salmon that I've rinsed, drained, and let dry on a paper towel. (I realize that rinsing may wash off a little of the beneficial oil, but it also washes off a LOT of the salt. It's up to you.)


Canned wild salmon also works great for salmon patties, which I make with leftover barley/brown rice pilaf. In fact, it holds together better than leftover fresh fish! And canned wild salmon on top of a big plate of sauteed and/or steamed mixed greens is delicious. If the brand of canned wild salmon you get has bones in it, try leaving them in your dish. They are completely edible and loaded with calcium -- just like sardine bones. So.......don't despair if fresh fish several times a week seems beyond your means; supplement what you CAN afford with canned wild salmon.