Tired of Dieting Without Success?
Then my book, Healthy Weight — Without Dieting is for you. You will lose weight; I guarantee it (or your money back).

Dear Friend of World's Healthiest Foods,

Have you been trying to lose weight but been unsuccessful? If so, I believe I have the answer for you. I think you have been eating the wrong foods.

Scientific studies show that for successful weight loss you don't need to diet or eat less, but you need to eat the right kind of foods that contain a minimal number of calories that promote healthy weight like the nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods. The World's Healthiest Foods are among the best foods to lose weight and are among the most slimming and satisfying foods that you can find. Instead of being calorie-rich they are rich in weight-loss-promoting vitamins, minerals, fiber, omega-3s, antioxidants, phytonutrients and other nutrients. By enjoying the World's Healthiest Foods you will lose weight the healthy way. This is the essence of this book.

It is not a diet book but Healthy Weight Loss — Without Dieting. Following the recommendations in this book losing weight by starving is over. I will show you how eating more of the nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods can keep you slim; you will eat less nutrient-poor foods that can make you fat because they are rich in fat, salt, calories, and sugar. It's a new healthy way to lose weight.

You will learn how high-quality, unprocessed nutrient-rich foods, such as the World's Healthiest Foods, nourish your body and why that is so important to healthy weight loss. Nutrient-rich foods are those that have maximum amounts of nutrients for the calories that they contain. If you don't nourish your body with the nutrients you need, your body won't function efficiently to shed extra pounds. Plus, you will feel tired, fatigued, and stressed — which won't keep you motivated to continue on your path to losing weight. By selecting great-tasting nutrient-rich foods, like the World's Healthiest Foods, and preparing them in ways to retain those nutrients and to also have great taste using my new Healthiest Way of Cooking Methods, you'll lose weight, feel satisfied, and won't be tempted to excessively indulge in nutrient-poor, weight-promoting foods. The more you eat them, the more you lose!

And my powerful Healthy Eating Weight Loss Plan will help you embark on a healthy lifestyle that's enjoyable that can not only help you attain your weight management goals, but also your desire for vibrant health and energy. I wanted to create for you the absolute best possible Plan. Everyday for 28 days, I will show you what foods to prepare using my mouth-watering, satisfying recipes and cooking methods to make food taste great. You will eat more healthy and better foods than you ever thought possible. In the Plan you will learn how to select the right foods — delicious fruits, crisp salads, high-energy vegetables, high-fiber legumes, lean protein, and more — while you also develop better eating habits based on good carbohydrates and fats, and lots of fiber. This is the emphasis of this book, Healthy Weight Loss — Without Dieting: losing weight and getting healthier.

You can read e-mails we received from over 20 of our many Readers who followed this way of eating and lost weight easily without dieting and found that this was the most effective way to lose weight; they lost weight and gained greater energy. Because the World's Healthiest Foods are health-promoting foods, many found that their blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels were reduced and that they gained better sleep and memory. In other words they not only lost weight but became healthier — a winning combination. These are among the success stories that inspired this book. And one reader who lost a lot of weight wrote that "The World's Healthiest Foods are the possible cure for the American problem of obesity."

In this effective Healthiest Way of Eating approach to weight loss you will become empowered to control your weight loss through practicing new healthy eating habits and getting regular exercise. If you make the commitment to losing weight I believe this book will bring you not only healthy weight loss by keeping you informed, more healthy, and powerful but also a long and healthy life and the level of well-being that you seek.

George Mateljan

Section 1 Nutrient Richness at the Cornerstone of Healthy Weight Loss
Introduction The Real Truth About Why We Gain Weight and Why It Is So Hard To Lose It
Chapter 1 Healthy Weight Loss Stories
Chapter 2 Why Nutrient-Richness, The Key Benefit of World's Healthiest Foods, Can Help You Lose Weight
Chapter 3 Why Nutrient-Rich World's Healthiest Foods are the Key to Health and Healthy Weight Loss
Section 2 Why Nutrient-Rich World's Healthiest Foods Are Important to Healthy Weight Loss
Chapter 4 World's Healthiest Foods Support Healthy Weight Loss by Helping You Manage Adverse Food Reactions
Chapter 5 World's Healthiest Foods Support Healthy Weight Loss by Promoting Energy Production
Chapter 6 World's Healthiest Foods Support Healthy Weight Loss by Promoting Optimal Metabolism
Chapter 7 World's Healthiest Foods Support Healthy Weight Loss by Promoting Digestive Health
Chapter 8 World's Healthiest Foods Support Healthy Weight Loss by Promoting Liver Health
Chapter 9 The World's Healthiest Foods Support Healthy Weight Loss by Balancing Blood Sugar Levels
Chapter 10 World's Healthiest Foods Support Healthy Weight Loss by Reducing Inflammation
Section 3 Healthy Weight Loss Eating Plan
Chapter 11 Healthy Weight Loss Eating Plan
Chapter 12 Practical Tips for Continued Healthy Weight Loss
Chapter 13 The Healthiest Way of Cooking
Chapter 14 Recipes
Section 4 Healthy Weight Loss Q+As
What is the Role of Calorie Intake in Weight Management?
Why Are Organic Foods Important to Healthy Weight Loss?
What Causes Us To Overeat?
How is the Healthiest Way of Losing Weight Similar to theMediterranean Diet?
In Addition to Nutrient-Richness, What Are The Other
Qualities That Make a Food One of The World's Healthiest Foods?
What's The Difference Between Nutrient-Rich and Energy-Rich Foods?
Is My Attitude Towards Weight Loss Important?
Can You Help Me Further Solve the "Mystery" of Weight Gain?
APPENDIX 1 The World's Healthiest Foods' Quality Rating System Methodology
APPENDIX 2 Additional Testimonials


This is your free chapter of the Healthy Weight Loss — Without Dieting book.


Chapter 1: Healthy Weight Loss Stories

I started the George Mateljan Foundation ten years ago with one aim in mind — to help people discover the World's Healthiest Foods, so they could enjoy better health. This goal guided the creation of our World's Healthiest Foods website (www.WHFoods.org) and The World's Healthiest Foods book.

Additional Testimonials

Dear Mr. Mateljan,

I have been doing my own research on health and nutrition for almost a year now and I received a copy of your book for Christmas last year. I was very impressed with the wealth of information you provided and your book has become my new bible. Because of you and the research I have done to date, my life has changed tremendously. I am 49 years old and have done a complete change in my lifestyle and I am amazed at the difference it has made in my life. Since I have been following your food guidelines, I have also changed my life in the amount of exercise I do, the amount of water I drink, and I have also learned how to handle my stress better. I have lost weight (not that I really needed to), while I eat more. I have also found more energy and strength. But this is the best part. In 1991, I was diagnosed with crohns disease after the birth of my daughter. They had me on steroids and taking 21 pills of Asacol for the first year. I am not a pill taker, I despise taking any kind of pills so after the doctor weaned me off the steroids, I stopped taking all pills against his advice. From that point on, I was able to manage my crohns to some extent and suffered in silence when I would get flare ups. Since I have changed my lifestyle, I have been completely symptoms free for 6 months now. And for that reason, I wish to thank you very much. I also have your 300 Secrets - Book and I am telling everyone about you and recommending your book. As a matter of fact, I think your book is one of the greatest gifts I could give anyone because it is "the book of life". I look forward to your newsletter and to learning all you have teach me about nutrition (as I am far from being the expert that you are...lol). I am a testament that your knowledge and information shared is priceless. Thank you again. I am one of your biggest fans.


PS. I live in Alberta, Canada, and I am enrolling in a University course called "Nutrition 101". I hope someday, I can make a difference in someone's life like you have made a difference in mine. Please keep up the good work and know that your efforts to educate people are not in vain.

I just want to say i've been visiting WHF for a long time. I appreciate the fact that you "get technical" in the descriptions of foods. You don't "dumb it down" but instead explain and go into the science on a molecular level. I have lost 70 pounds (and kept it off) in the last 4 years by changing my exercise/eating habits and the WHFoods List has been a huge help. I have more weight to lose, but by having a scientific understanding of the foods I eat, I'm confident I will reach my goal. - Eleni

A New Life: I just wanted to email to say that your book has truly changed my life. At 22 years old I had just graduated college and was a complete mess; my diet was terrible, I couldn't fall asleep, I was suffering from anxiety, and I weighed 184 lbs which is a lot for someone of my height. My dad borrowed this book from his friend and I started flipping through it and found everything so interesting and appetizing. He quickly purchased it for me and the day I got it I started with the diet plan.

For 4-Weeks straight I ate nothing but food from your book and I suddenly felt amazing. I can gladly say that now, with the help of your recipes plus yoga and pilates, that I weigh 145lbs! Not only did I lose weight but my entire metabolism changed. I no longer had any desire for sweets, or high fat food and the occasional time I do I find that I don't gain weight as quickly. I have lost weight in the past from other diets but always gain it back once I go back to eating badly but this is not a diet, it's a way of life. I swear by your book and make recipes for all my friends and they are picky eaters and love them!

For the first time in my life I feel so happy to just be me... my mood has completely changed, I'm motivated, I have confidence. I feel healthy! Not once do I feel deprived because like I said I don't have cravings anymore! My friends ask me how I do it and I tell them... its all about The World's Healthiest foods. I feel great and I'm still losing weight! Now I can't wait to get into that bride's maids dress! Thank you so much, for changing my life. - Amy

I swapped hamburger for salmon. I ate shrimp instead of bologna. Red grapes make a great substitute for salad dressings.

My thinking became, if you eat anything with enough broccoli or romaine lettuce, it will be okay. Fiber is my friend. All hail green tea.

Cravings for foods I used to eat became virtually nonexistent. My weight loss has been remarkably steady even as I branched out with occasional indulgences. I don't miss anything I used to eat. The World's Healthiest Foods has helped me truly appreciate that I am what I eat. - Mary

I have lost around 24 pounds. I have lots more to go. My husband thinks it will take about another year and one half to lose the rest of my weight. Anyway, your book and website have helped me a bunch. - Sarah

I love and appreciate the site. I have been on a diet since December and lost 45 pounds. The site is incredibly useful in guiding me towards better foods. - Mike

I've read a lot of your stuff and decided to eat more whole grains and eat fruit in between meals. The result was that I didn't get so hungry in between meals and I lost 30 pounds. When my body craves sweets I know what it wants is sugar and then I eat fruit instead. It always helps. - DF

I've lost 5 lbs! My energy is through the roof! I don't feel weighed down after any meal! My intestines love me! I've gained time because these recipes are so fast and simple to prepare. My appreciation and knowledge of veggies that used to scare me at the supermarket are opening up new flavor doors! I'm never hungry with this plan so I don't crave unhealthy things!

Have I mentioned it's only been 4 days! I can't wait to see what I'll look like in a month! - CT

I've lost 17 kgs in all using the knowledge coming from your site. - Arpi

During the past 10 years, I have been delighted to receive thousands of letters of gratitude from Readers, who have taken the time to share with me how eating the World's Healthiest Foods has changed their lives. They have written to tell me that they have experienced greater energy, better sleep, more lustrous hair, clearer skin, enhanced concentration and memory, and many other signs of overall vitality. Others have also shared that eating the World's Healthiest Foods has helped their cholesterol to drop, their blood pressure to normalize, their blood sugar levels to stabilize, and their headaches to dissipate.

In addition to recounting the direct benefits of their new way of eating, Readers tell me they have learned so much about how to incorporate World's Healthiest Foods into their lifestyle. Yet, I gratefully acknowledge that Readers are not the only ones who have learned so much; I have also learned so much from the Readers of the WHFoods website and The World's Healthiest Foods book. And one of the most exciting discoveries has been the recognition of an incredibly positive benefit of the World's Healthiest Foods:

Enjoying the World's Healthiest Foods is the perfect way to lose excess weight and maintain a healthful weight without dieting.

Here are just a few of the inspiring stories I've received from Readers telling me about their experiences:

One benefit I've discovered from eating high-fiber, nutrient-rich World's Healthiest foods is that I'm losing about 2 pounds per week without any change in my exercise habits. I don't feel deprived because I don't consider myself to be "on a diet." Thank you again for your outstanding website. Eating the right foods has changed my entire outlook on life. - Mike

I would just like to add that the two weeks we have been on your program has proved not only to be nutritious but extremely tasty. Members of my household are for the first time eating fish and not complaining. My partner has lost half a stone in two weeks so would just like to say a very big thank you. - Lara

The World's Healthiest Foods are possibly the cure to the American problem of obesity. From my own experience, I decided to change my way of eating in the New Year. I was obese - at 5'8", I was 240 lbs. Now six months later, I have lost 32 pounds and am still losing. I feel and look a lot better. - Astrida

Because of your great website, WHFoods, you have helped change my health for the better. I went from 24% body fat to 13% body fat. Thanks again for your generous knowledge. - GVU

Through diet and exercise I lost 170 pounds. I have your list of the World's Healthiest Foods on my refrigerator. - Mark

Readers found that the World's Healthiest Foods were helping them to lose weight by eating healthier without going on a diet or requiring undue deprivation.

Healthy Weight Loss and Improved Health

While excess weight in and of itself may be cosmetically undesirable, its most serious harmful effects result from the fact that excess fat, particularly around the mid-section, greatly increases risk of developing a myriad of other health conditions, including high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and elevated blood sugar levels. Many Readers have reported that eating World's Healthiest Foods not only helped them lose weight, but also alleviated weight-related health problems as well:

By using some of the guides, recipes, and tips from WHFoods, I've lost 40 pounds. I feel better and my thinking is more clear. I had high blood pressure but that went away when I lost the weight. - Kmuzu

Since I started eating the World's Healthiest Foods, my blood sugar has stabilized, and I have lost 50 pounds! I have truly turned my life around. - Cindy

I changed the way I ate, and I have the World's Healthiest Foods to thank. I have lost over 75 pounds. My blood pressure medication is gone. I didn't count calories and I didn't even care about portion control. - Mary

With your help, I have lost 80 pounds; my cholesterol was 280 and is now down to 170! - KC

Thank you so very much for your food information. I have been religiously following your advice for about two years. I've lost 100 pounds. You literally don't have time to read my long litany of health improvements, but they range from dramatically improved mood to amazing night vision. - BI

Scientific studies show that chronic preventable health conditions, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke are increasingly being associated with excess weight. For example, experts estimate that one-half of all type 2 diabetes cases could be prevented simply by controlling obesity!

Healthy Weight Loss and Increased Energy Levels

Many readers commented that the key to losing weight was forgetting about counting calories and focusing instead on eating more of the World's Healthiest Foods. Readers told us that these foods not only helped them feel more vibrant and energetic, but they successfully lost weight without feeling deprived or sacrificing anything — including enjoyment — in the process:

I've been researching and preparing meals based on WHFoods.org for the past month. I feel far more alive, alert, enlightened, and energized. I now experience greater degrees of balance, equilibrium, and sound sleep and no more mood swings. - Michelle

I have lost weight while I eat more. I have also found more energy and strength. And for that reason, I wish to thank you very much. - Mitch

It has been nearly six months since I began changing over to the World's Healthiest Foods, and I am pleasantly surprised at my increase in energy, the loss of dress sizes, the overall feeling of good health. I find that my refrigerator is not filled with "empty calories" and that I can always have great snacks and healthy delicious food to eat. - Terri

Thank you!!! I just needed to thank you for changing my life. This information has created a better, healthier, more energetic me. I have lost close to 30 pounds by changing my way of eating. I was a terrible fast food, processed food eater, never drank water or ate any kind of fruit; now I think I would die without those things. Just the thought of fast foods makes me sick. I just couldn't let this change in my life go without thanking you so much for helping me. - DL

Every moment of every day our bodies need energy to keep going. Energy is needed not only to move our muscles, but also to keep us breathing, keep our heart beating, and maintain our body temperature. Actually, it needed for every body function to occur.

Nothing helps to make day-to-day life more enjoyable than abundant energy levels. Maintaining a healthy metabolism is key both for having plenty of energy for your daily activities and for losing those extra pounds. What is metabolism? It is the rate at which your body burns energy. And a healthy metabolism requires optimal nutritional support — the kind of support you will get from enjoying foods like the World's Healthiest Foods — especially those rich in metabolism-boosting protein, magnesium, iron, sulfur-containing compounds, and vitamins B1 (thiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid) and B6 (pyridoxine).

Healthy Weight Loss and the Healthiest Way of Cooking

I have spent years developing cooking methods and recipes to make the World's Healthiest Foods taste great because no matter how nutritious your food, you won't enjoy it, and won't keep eating it, if it doesn't taste good. Readers have written us about how much they love our easy-to-prepare recipes using our Healthiest Way of Cooking methods:

I started using the Healthy Saut� method of preparing food. I am a 65-year-old male who now weighs 172 lbs. I began at 245 lbs. I only use fresh veggies, fruits, etc. and the Healthy Saut� method for cooking. I do grill and eat meat/ fish in moderation. I want to thank you so much for changing my life. I have maintained my current weight for 6 months and increased my exercise regimen from swimming to a full gym program. Food now is so important to me because you have been there to help people like me. Keep up the good work. I love the recipes. I have discovered so much. - DD

With your assistance I have lost 17 pounds, which previously seemed impossible. Your recipes taste so good.easy and fast, which is what we all need. I have purchased your book for my mother, sister and two friends. I share your daily recipes with my co-workers who also want your book. Thanks so much for providing all of us so much help. - Cheryl

I bought George's book, The World's Healthiest Foods, in January and began to look at how I ate, what I ate, how much I ate. After less than four months, I found my weight down almost 20 pounds; my husband (who had not meant to go on a diet, but whose cook is, yes, me) had lost seven pounds as well. My energy level has increased as well, and the level of fruit and veggie intake has increased dramatically. Salads became an adventure, and the use of nuts and spices added zest to the foods. - Ann

Your Plan meets all of my requirements for becoming healthy: simple prep time, quick and easy cooking methods, and gourmet tasting meals every time! I've lost over 30 pounds in 3 and one-half months. I have more energy than I can use, and better skin than I ever would have thought possible. The World's Healthiest Foods are truly the best guide for those of us who want to pursue health while having time to enjoy life outside of the kitchen. - Rosemary

I am loving this site, and my interest in whole foods and preparing (with your methods of course) my meals has never been like this. - BI

The style of cooking you have perfected makes food preparation so easy and the outcome so richly flavorful. - Marie

So, not only were Readers losing weight, they were enjoying great tasting food that was easy to prepare. They loved eating the World's Healthiest Foods and preparing the quick-and-easy recipes included on the WHFoods.org website and in The World's Healthiest Foods book. They reported feeling healthier, having more energy, and enjoying food like never before.

Usually when you embark on a weight loss diet, it means giving up the pleasure of eating! It means giving up the delicious tastes and aromas of food, giving up the pleasures of robust, shared meals with family and friends, and giving up our very self-determination with respect to food choices.

Many weight loss diets ask us to turn our lives completely over to a predetermined script not of our making. We are often asked to build our breakfasts, lunches, and dinners around highly processed foods that we didn't select, cook, or even choose from a list of favorites. By letting someone else make all of these decisions for us, and by give up the joys of eating for a promise that we will lose weight.

On the contrary, I am of the opinion that selecting and preparing your own meals — like I did when I lost my own weight — is one of the best ways to help you lose weight, save money, and make healthy eating a regular part of your lifestyle; you don't experience this from a temporary diet. That's why I developed my new Healthiest Way of Cooking to help you prepare the World's Healthiest Foods in hundreds of healthy, great tasting recipes, which make weight loss an easy and enjoyable pursuit that anybody can undertake.

Healthy Weight Loss — Without Dieting

What Readers have written us about turned out to be an unexpected finding about World's Healthiest Foods — without additional effort they watched extra pounds melt away!

Their letters were an inspiration to me! Not only were they rewarding to read but they drew for me so clearly the common thread of how improved health and weight loss go hand-in-hand. Their successful weight loss stories are the foundation for my insights about the way to achieve healthy weight loss without diet, which I share with you in this book. I want to express my sincere appreciation to these readers for taking the time to relay their stories to me. I hope this book will help you to realize that healthy weight loss is not merely an idealistic goal but one you can readily achieve with the World's Healthiest Foods.

I found from Readers that losing weight doesn't have to come from being on an onerous diet, where you look at your food intake through a special, and short-term, lens. Rather, they easily lost weight just by following the healthy lifestyle principles of eating a cornucopia of the World's Healthiest Foods and preparing them using the Healthiest Way of Cooking Methods that enhance their flavor while preserving nutrients. This is not a diet; it's a delicious way of losing weight and at the same time enjoying your food.

This is what our Readers discovered; and I want to congratulate them in discovering a weight loss approach — one that emphasized the World's Healthiest Foods — that will help many others that struggle with the epidemic problem of weight gain. I would like to encourage everyone to send us their weight loss stories and we will post them on our website, WHFoods.org, so that everyone can benefit.

What is the Secret of Healthy Weight Loss?

So, by now you must be wondering, "What is it about the World's Healthiest Foods that made them so effective in producing healthy lasting weight loss, vibrant health, and energy for the Readers who wrote us their success stories?"

It's simple, actually. The World's Healthiest Foods are nutrient-rich foods. This is the secret of why the Readers were losing weight — the wide range and quantity of nutrients these foods deliver for the small amount of calories that they contain (what I refer to as "nutrient-richness").

Nutrient-Rich World's Healthiest Foods = Maximum Nutrients
Minimal Calories

The classification of a food as nutrient-rich reflects its ability to provide a wealth of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrient antioxidants, fiber, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and other health-promoting compounds) for a minimal amount of calories. In sharp contrast, nutrient-poor foods are foods that provide a small number of nutrients, but a large number of calories; these include processed, refined, and fast foods.

So by enjoying their meals composed of nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods, it was much easier for Readers to get all of the nutrients their bodies required for vital health and energy without exceeding the amount of calories that their bodies needed to maintain optimal weight. And, at the same time, they were satisfying their appetite and taste buds. For this reason, when they relied on the World's Healthiest Foods, they lost weight naturally, effortlessly, and surprisingly quickly — the perfect formula for healthy weight loss. These foods are nutritional bargains; they provide an abundance of health-promoting nutrients without a lot of calories.

The World's Healthiest Foods are whole foods that contain all of the nutrients that nature provides to ensure the health and life of plants and animals. When we eat nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods, especially when they are organically grown, we enjoy the protective qualities nature has supplied; nothing is contained in these foods that doesn't need to be there. Because the World's Healthiest Foods provide what is essential and leave out what it unnecessary, a balanced combination of these foods are custom-tailored for weight management. And the more you eat them, the better they will taste. Nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods are the new force for change — they can make a healthier and slimmer you.

Why the Nutrient-Rich World's Healthiest Foods Promote Healthy Weight Loss

What is it about nutrient-richness that helps promote weight loss? Several factors are involved. Nutrient-rich foods provide our body with outstanding nutrient support that enables our body to carry out its metabolic activities in an optimal way. Metabolic activities, such as the burning of unwanted fat (a process called beta-oxidation), are best supported by a diet that is rich in nutrients.

Nutrient-richness also means that we provide our body with ample nutrients at a minimal calorie cost. (Many researchers use the term "nutrient density" to describe this special dietary combination of high-nutrients plus low-calories.) It's helpful to think about nutrient-richness by comparing it to its dietary opposite. Imagine a person whose diet is largely composed of nutrient-poor highly processed fatty foods and fast food, i.e, extremely low-quality food containing very few nutrients. If that person consumes enough food, he or she will eventually obtain a supply of some nutrients; however, many vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy metabolism — as well as most recently discovered antioxidants and phytonutrients abundant in plant foods that research is now showing to play important roles in maintaining a healthy weight — will be virtually absent.

In addition, how many calories of low nutrient-density food will it take to get even some nutrient basics? With very low-quality foods, if a person eats somewhere around 6,000 or 7,000 calories. worth of food, he or she will probably get an adequate supply of basic nutrients. But the caloric cost will be far too high. Body fat and weight gain will increase from excessive calorie consumption.

In contrast, the use of low-calorie foods to increase food volume and the use of nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods to support metabolism are core research principles in the science of weight loss. When your weight loss strategy centers around low-calorie and nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods, the research odds are strongly in your favor for weight loss success. And this is not difficult to do; in fact, I will show you how to get most of the nutrients you need in the Healthy Weight Loss Eating Plan and spend only less than 1600 calories.

Why the World's Healthiest Foods are Health-Promoting Foods

The health-promoting nutrients contained in the World's Healthiest Foods are necessary for body systems, tissues, and cells to function at their peak, which is essential not only for enhancing healthy weight loss, but also for vibrant health and energy.

Hundreds of epidemiological studies have looked at the relationship between nutrient-rich foods, such as the World's Healthiest Foods, and health conditions such as obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar levels. Not only can these foods reduce your chances of experiencing chronic conditions but they can also enhance your day-to-day health. For example, they will give you more energy, help you think more clearly, make your hair and skin more lustrous, and contribute to an overall feeling of vitality.

What makes them beneficial to health is the health-promoting nutrients they contain. Not because they are rich in one or two specific nutrients but because they contain the whole range of important ones. This is essential because what researchers have consistently found is that nutrients working together provide greater health benefits than those working alone. What that means is that there is no miracle food or miracle nutrient. There is only the miracle of how the different aspects of your nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods work together to provide you with optimal health and weight loss.

How the Health-Promoting Nutrients in World's Healthiest Foods Contribute to Health and Healthy Weight Loss

If healthy cells can be considered the spark plugs that jumpstart your metabolism and if systems that generate energy and increase metabolism are one of the keys to healthy weight loss, then, of course, we want to do everything we can to ensure that our cells are functioning optimally. That's where the nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods come in. Scientific studies have shown that health-promoting nutrients are the key to having your cells and all of your body systems function at their best. This includes your nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, musculoskeletal system, detoxification systems, and, key to your ability to lose excess weight, the systems that generate energy and spark your metabolism.

We now know that there is a relationship between excess fat, especially visceral fat, inflammation and weight control. Those fat cells do not merely act a storage depot for extra calories, but function as an endocrine organ significantly increasing inflammation. Many of the health-promoting nutrients found in nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods help keep inflammation under control, which is especially important if you have excess fat that you are trying to lose. Since excess fat stored into your fat cells acts as a trigger for unwanted inflammation, when you lose your unwanted fat, you will also be reducing unwanted inflammation. This is one of the key reasons that excess weight is associated with so many health problems. (I'll cover inflammation and weight control in more detail in a later chapter).

Research show that the concentration of health-promoting nutrients found in the World's Healthiest Foods enables you to meet your nutrient needs without exceeding your caloric needs.the ideal formula for health and healthy weight loss. Unlike traditional diets, which only focus on reducing calorie intake, leaving you at risk of being nutrient-deprived (and remember, those nutrients are needed to run your metabolic engine), the Healthy Weight Loss — Without Dieting focuses on nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods, which deliver lots of nutrients for few calories, literally priming your metabolic pump to burn stored fat. When enjoying the World's Healthiest Foods losing excess weight is not only effortless but virtually inevitable.

In addition to providing you with the health-promoting nutrients your body must have if you are to feel your best and lose weight, the nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods naturally satisfy your appetite because they contain a diversity of all the nutrients that play a bio-chemical role in satiety (quenching your appetite). These nutrients include soluble and insoluble fiber, amino acids, fatty acids, and a number of other unique food components. All of these are in the World's Healthiest Foods pre-packaged in just the right amounts. For all these reasons, the World's Healthiest Foods fill you up without filling you out. You'll enjoy what you eat and feel satisfied by your foods. You'll gain vitality and lose weight since you'll be receiving an abundance of all the necessary nutrients instead of just taking in empty calories.

The Healthy Weight Loss Eating Plan for Healthy Weight Loss Will Show You How Easy It Is To Enjoy Nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods

I have found that one of the most difficult aspects about changing to lifestyle of healthier eating is that people don't know where to begin. It all seems overwhelming at first. That's why I created the Healthy Weight Loss Eating Plan that combines the World's Healthiest Foods and our Healthiest Way of Cooking methods and integrates them into a menu filled with great-tasting recipes. Readers love these recipes that take few ingredients, little time, and are easy to prepare.

I have done all the work for you. For 4 weeks, you won't have to worry about what to eat for breakfast or what you'll cook for dinner. Everything is spelled out. By the end of the 4 weeks you will have a good idea of how to fit a healthy eating lifestyle to your personal tastes. They say it takes about 4 weeks to change a habit so after the 4 weeks the Healthiest Way of Eating will become almost second nature to you and because it is enjoyable and you will be feeling so good, you won't want to quit. You will be on the delicious path to a slim and vibrantly healthy life.

The Healthy Weight Loss Eating Plan is powerful because it provides a combination of nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods that contain many nutrients that work together synergistically. And never underestimate the importance of the health benefits from the synergistic effects of the World's Healthiest Foods. Synergies among the matrix found in nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods add up to much more than sum of their individual parts. If you want to be on the cutting edge of the Healthiest Way of Eating, enjoy delicious meals composed of a variety of World's Healthiest Foods like those in the Healthy Weight Loss Eating Plan.

New Paradigm in Weight Loss

Most weight loss plans require you to follow some new type of diet for the first time in your life. These weight loss plans depend upon a certain amount of novelty. They are betting that you.ve never eaten this way before (and chances are, you will never eat this way again!). They are also assuming that you aren.t familiar with the "special twists" in their theory of weight loss. They give you a diet that includes these special twists in the hope that you'll find it new and interesting enough to make you willing to put up with whatever unbalanced regimen is prescribed through a period of initial weight loss. Then you get bored, go back to the way of eating that put on those pounds in the first place, and gain it all back — just in time for the next weight loss novelty book to hit the market. As I present in this book, the World's Healthiest Foods as the key to Healthy Weight Loss is different.

The World's Healthiest Foods aren.t part of a diet relying on some new gimmick to be followed on a temporary basis. These foods are part of the everyday eating habits that will make you lean and healthy. Our focus is a package of nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods and very quick-and-easy recipes and menu suggestions. The basis of Healthy Weight Loss — Without Dieting is simply enjoying a cornucopia of World's Healthiest Foods prepared using the Healthiest Way of Cooking Methods, which enhance flavor while preserving nutrients. It's not a diet; it's a way of eating that serves up a delicious, potently healthy way of life.

Our new paradigm parts company with the catchy fad diets that ask you follow unusual food rules or dietary restrictions. Our new paradigm insists that the "tried-and-true" principles of healthy eating can be followed at all times in life, including those times when you most desperately want to lose weight!

These basic rules include a focus on:

I've incorporated these guiding principles into this book, Healthy Weight Loss — Without Dieting, an approach that features no gimmicks and no temporary food restrictions. As you are making changes in your meal plan that facilitate your weight loss, you'll be making the exact same changes that you will be depending on in the future to maintain your lower weight. The World's Healthiest Foods sets you up for optimal weight and vibrant health for life, not just for the next diet to appear on the block.

Our new paradigm does not involve counting calories, carbohydrates, grams of fat, or any other food component. It's not that these components are unimportant, however. Unless you burn more calories than you obtain from your food, you will not be able to lose weight in a steady or lasting way. Nobody ever — I repeat, EVER — lost weight and kept it off while consuming excess calories (excess, in this case, simply means more than the body needs). And if your carbohydrate and fat intake soar outside of a healthy range, you'll have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight loss. The wonderful benefit of our nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods and our Healthy Weight Loss Eating Plan, however, is the ability of these featured foods to help do your counting for you!

We're confident that you will be able to balance your nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods intake effectively! The reason is simple: our recipes and food preparation tips already combine whole, natural foods in a balanced way. Our recipes are naturally balanced when it comes to nutrition and also naturally delicious! That's the beauty and the magic of the World's Healthiest Foods. They are foods that combine tastes and textures in a way that gives you the most food satisfaction and the best weight loss opportunity together at once; they don't taste like diet foods. The Healthy Weight Loss Eating Plan will provide you with great examples of how to enjoy delicious World's Healthiest Foods and recipes. In conjunction with a regular exercise program, it can be a key to healthful and enjoyable weight loss.

Other approaches usually force you to go in one direction or the other — delicious taste without a reasonable chance of weight loss, or great weight loss without the pleasure of eating. Our World's Healthiest Foods approach gives you both experiences together!

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