One of the most fascinating new areas of raspberry research involves the potential for raspberries to improve management of obesity ... see What's New and Beneficial About Raspberries.
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Feb 12 - "I have been using your website for nearly two years now as part of a Community Food Project/gardening/food system classes at a charter high school in San Francisco. I can't emphasize how useful I find it, both for my own learning and for the students. You have helped me give specific reasons for the 5-a-day adage and your recipes offer a tantalizing alternative to the nagging-kids-into-better-eating-habits approach." - Park

Feb 5 - "I just want to thank you first for this wonderful website. I had the Frittata with Kale this morning and it was delicious. Oh mercy, sooo delicious! I am thrilled with your entire how to videos too as they help me so much. And I actually enjoyed preparing the kale and getting everything else read. Thanks again for all you have done for us who are so in need of all this wonderful information. Having everything right there is encouraging me to cook in the healthy ways I have been wanting to do. It can be so overwhelming and confusing. Thank God for you." - Lonnie

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Oct 21 - "Thanks!: I just wanted to say thank you for this website. My boyfriend and I are just graduating college and experimenting with cooking healthy non-dairy vegetarian meals from scratch. This website has been a great way to find ideas for new meals (especially for young cooks!), and also to find out how to get which fruits and vegetables will give us certain vitamins and nutrients we need on a vegetarian diet. We tried the squash soup last night, it was terrific!" - Francesca

Oct 12 - "I've stumbled across your site looking for nutritional information on onions, and, needless to say, GREAT stuff exactly what I was looking for, and I've been poking around. I read the first paragraph, just the first paragraph of your 'about us' and I just had to stop and say something. I think it is absolutely WONDERFUL, fantastic fantastic fantastic... almost can't express it in words how glad I am that there is someone exposing natural organic foods and their healthy benefits over the medications that are constantly being advertised. You guys are great! Just felt compelled. Thank you guys, I'm going to continue reading more about you.

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Sep 2 - "I wish to express my appreciation for the commitment you've put forth to share nutritional information. I was recently diagnosed with advanced osteoporosis. That discovery prompted me to focus on food and exercise. I was lost at first and felt doomed. Our office librarian sent me your site to help me cope with this disease. It has helped me cope and feel better about life. Again, thank you for helping others - it's sincerely appreciated." - Brenda

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Aug 16 - "Thank you!!! Boy, I REALLY appreciate and love this website! It reinforces my healthy choices, enhancing my knowledge of this or that food I've just brought home from the market. Your recipe sections for the individual foods are really great too--sometimes healthful recipe suggestions offered as part of a health food profile are often not included, in my experience. Thank you soooo much!! I really enjoy and benefit greatly from the information you share and the enthusiasm you inspire." - Yvonne

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July 5 - "Great Website: Your website is wonderful! I just recently started printing off each day's recipes and that is what I and my husband eat each day. When I told him we were having pureed navy beans for dinner he said "eeuuwww" but when I served them and he gave them a taste he couldn't stop eating them! Best of husband's blood sugar count (he is a diabetic) dropped within a few days from consistant mid 200's (that's with medication) to the 150s. Thank you for a great site!!!!" - Yauna

July 3 - "Thank you so much for your hard work in getting your information out to all of us who enjoy and learn so much from you!!!!! Your site is a wealth of the best information!!!! I have lost almost 50 pounds by eating very healthy foods and exercise. In each news letter I get from you, I learn something new and apply it to my nutritional program. I thank you so much. I stay motivated because I continue to learn so many new things from your most professional site!!!!" - Jane

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June 26 - "Thanks so much for your awesome site. Aside from the loads of helpful information you provide, I particularly admire how you entice us to a healthier kitchen by accentuating the positive, rather than harping on the negatives of unhealthy foods. I've found you approach to be so much more emotionally effective: after reading descriptions of your lovely, nutrient-drenched foods, I often find myself with healthy-food cravings similar to those I get after seeing a Big Mac commercial on TV. Again, many thanks for your inspiring website!" - Maureen

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"George Mateljan, Founder of Health Valley Foods, Launches Unique Website."
- from the Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients - October 2002

The George Mateljan Foundation's interactive website,, launched in April provided reliable, scientifically accurate information to make eating the world's healthiest foods easy, convenient and enjoyable.

George Mateljan, founder of "Health Valley Foods", America's first healthy convenience food company, established the George Mateljan Foundation. After years of travel and study to uncover "the world's healthiest foods," Mateljan created this website to share his discoveries. "I am passionate about helping people live longer, healthier lives by eating the world's healthiest foods," said Mateljan.

The World's Healthiest Foods website offers all the needed information to maximize the nutrition and minimize time in the kitchen. The site explains how to select, store, and enjoy healthy foods using delicious, easy recipes that take 30 minutes or less to prepare. "With the stressful lifestyles we lead, most of us believe that we just don't have the time or the means to improve our diet, which is where The World's Healthiest Foods website can help," said Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, N.D. Dr. Pizzorno, President of Salugenecists, Inc., collaborated with George Mateljan to create the website.

The World's Healthiest Foods website offers a wide array of personalized and unique features that allow users to determine exactly which foods they should eat. Individual menu plans can be created based on unique nutritional needs, health concerns, and taste.

Features include a personalized eating analysis, scientifically validated health benefits for each food item in the website's database, and references and tips on how to select, prepare, and eat healthy foods while avoiding toxins such as pesticides and fertilizers. The website emphasizes organic, healthy foods like fish, grains, and fruit.

"Scientific facts are clearly and concisely presented to help the user quickly understand which foods work for you and why," said Dr. Pizzorno. According to the foundation, most individuals will experience noticeable nutritional benefits after only one week of following a customized menu plan from the George Mateljan Healthiest Way of Eating program.

The George Mateljan Healthiest Way of Eating is familiar and cost-effective. It includes foods that consumers already know and which are affordable and available in most supermarkets, natural food stores, or farmers markets. Dr. Jeffrey Bland, a renowned authority on functional foods, was excited about The World's Healthiest Foods website. "I have looked at 'The World's Healthiest Foods' website and found it to be fascinating. I believe that this site provides the right information for people to make informed decisions as to how to use organic foods to improve their health," Bland said.

What readers are saying about our book:

This book is a consolidation of all the food evaluations I have read in the past. I had been looking for something like this for awhile. Needless to say, it opened my eyes as to what food I should be eating. Also, it helped me identify what foods I should eat if, say, I wanted to reduce my cholesterol. I'm very happy and would highly recommend this book! - Matt

This is an excellent health and cook book. The recipes are easy and well written. I love being able to look up ingredients and see recipes and healthful tips. - MP

Awesome book, would recommend it to those who like to cook but don't know if they are cooking a certain food the right way or really getting the most nutrients out of a food. - Maribel

I believe that everyone interested in healthy eating should have this book! It is concise, interesting and very well illustrated. For example I made Salmon for a dinner party and it explained exactly how to prepare it from start to finish. I had been receiving weekly email bulletins from George Mateljan's site ([...]) and was very impressed. I doubt I could have found a better book than this one to guide me in my search for the world's healthiest foods! - Sarah

This book is the encyclopedia of food and nutrition! Had I known so much information about food (nutritional values, recipes, handling and storage, etc. etc.) was contained in this ONE book, I wouldn't have had a need for the TEN books I purchased PRIOR to purchasing this book! Love it! - Cynthia

I purchased your book, and I love it, I love it, I love it. I'm sure you've heard this many times before, but George you saved my life. For ten long years, I suffered from a very serious eating disorders. After following your book for almost a month now, the digestion difficulties I had were no more, and because I was including foods from every food group that contained an abundance of vitamins and minerals, something my body was severely deprived of, I felt satisfied, not stuffed. Now, I eat to live, not live to eat, and cherish the importance of healthy foods entering my body. George, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you and I thank God for helping me overcome a sickness that I thought would result in my own death. I am very grateful to you. Please continue with your work because it's absolutely fantastic, straight-forward, and realistic. - Hala

Just received my copy of your book and I am blown away with the information. This has to be the most practical, easy to understand manual I have read. Love the quick easy to make recipes! MC

An excellent and encyclopedic reference book with recipes for the "Healthiest Way" to prepare food items and with "Best Ways" and "Questions" & "Answers" for each food item. Well organized. A lot of thought, dedication, and effort have obviously gone into its production. Will make a most thoughtful gift for family members and friends. I would like to see a hard copy edition sometime. Very Highly recommended. - John

George has compiled an all encompassing list of foods. The attributes include all the healthy reasons to include them in your eating plan and the best ways to cook them. You will not be disappointed with this book. - Sherry

I purchased this book a few months ago, and I am so impressed with it. The book is packed with tips, information, and recipes. Every time I sit down and spend some time reading it, I feel like I am receiving a real education in nutrition. Out of all the nutrition/health books that I own, this is by far my favorite. My entire family, including my young children, have enjoyed all the recipes we have tried. My husband and I have made the switch to eating this way consistently, and we have both noticed more energy. We were already eating a "healthy" diet, but this book has given us a tool to eat right every day. I am purchasing more copies for members of my extended family. - TL

I really enjoy cooking the recipes from this web page, and I am now eating healthier than ever! I am sure I will love the recipes from your new cook book as well. - Gladys

It's a wonderful book. You can be proud of it. Thank you for producing it for all of your readers. - Justin

Your BIG book: Every home, nutritionist and health care professional should have this book. I do have lots of information already about good nutrition but gosh this is the best book! Thanks! - Deb

I have been reviewing your book and there is so much beneficial information, it's just incredible. What a tremendous amount of effort that will benefit so many people! - Nikki

I am really enjoying your new book! What great advice for preparing perfect vegetables. Thank you for the hundreds of experiments to perfect the cooking method for each!!! - LAG

This book one that you pick up, open, and read - one item at a time - to expand your knowledge a specific item. For each item you find all the nutritional information you could ever want, plus a recipe (or two or three) using that item. This book is so GOOD that I recommended it to my reflexologist/aromatherapist and both of my massage therapists. The value you receive is amazing as well. Buy this book and change your life! - Cindy

... This truly is one of the most exciting "cookbooks" you will ever buy because it not only incorporates delicious foods into your diet, you become healthier with each recipe you try and you understand why you feel better. Honestly, this book will change your life! - The Rebecca Review

I first leaned to cook a long time ago when the original Joy of Cooking was the accepted Bible of all of us who wanted to cook good, healthy, and delicious dishes. George Mateljan's The World's Healthiest Foods takes food selection and preparation a huge step forward as far as I am concerned. From the introduction to the final pages, this tome - it is a bit daunting to pick up a book with nearly 900 pages - is filled with information about what foods are healthiest, how to prepare dishes in the most healthful way, and how to present it in an alluring fashion. I know my wife and I are eating better and reaping the benefits from the things we constantly learn from this excellent book. - Wayne

This book has transformed the way I cook. Healthy eating can be tasteful and look great, too! The book is laid out in an easy-to-read and follow format and has taught me many new ways to prepare foods that everyone seems to enjoy. Nutritional information provides everything you need to know for tasty, healthy eating. It is my "go-to" book for enjoyable eating! - Gary

World Healthiest Foods Book -- Hurrah!: My microbiologist son and his biologist wife saw your book on my kitchen shelf and loved it, giving me the perfect Christmas gift for them -- your book! (Tho I may not wait until December to give it.) While I'm at it, I'll get a copy for my other son and his wife. They may not be biologists, but I'm sure a math prof and chemical engineer would love it, too, aren't you? - Carol

What I like about The World's Healthiest Foods is that the recipes have few ingredients yet they pack a punch of flavor, while many cookbooks use a ton of ingredients and usually require me to go to the store. If I have a lot of produce in the refrigerator that I need to cook up, I can just turn to that page and find a recipe that is easy and tasty. I've learned several new things about cooking that will change the way I cook for the rest of my life! Other features that I like about The World's Healthiest Foods include the 4 week Healthiest Way of Eating menu plan, the inclusion of herbs and spices as healthy foods, the chapter on health-promoting nutrients (which makes it easy to look up the foods that contain the nutrients I need such as calcium), and the chapter on disease-fighting foods. - Christina

I just love this book, a true "bible" for anyone who wants to eat healthy - Marie

This book is FABULOUS!! Congrats. It is a fantastic resource to help guide people to delicious healthy eating. An absolutely amazing resource that provides invaluable, crystal clear guidance in capturing the tremendous health promoting effects of food. The delicious recipes perfect for the healthy lifestyle . quick, easy, and highly nutritious. - Michael T. Murray, N.D., co-author of the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine.

What a gem of a book!! Thank you so much for this comprehensive resource! For a registered dietitian this is a dream to have all of this wonderful information in one place. I so appreciate this informative and inspiring manual. Thank you for your important work. - Suzanne

Congratulations! This was a huge undertaking, and it is a great accomplishment to organize so much information about food and health in one book. You have presented a balance between the practical and scientific approach to healthy eating. It contains an unbelievable amount of beneficial information that covers all of the most important aspects of today.s Healthiest Way of Eating. This book is one of a kind . an encyclopedia of healthy foods and a practical guide for anyone who is trying to improve the way they eat. It is a great book and I know it is going to be well received. In one word: BRAVO! - Zlatko

What an incredible tour de force! Your book is exactly what I have been looking for - all the healthy ingredients and their amounts listed, the good and bad fish, plus how to best prepare the foods, allergic reactions, and so much more. This is an extraordinary accomplishment, and you are to be highly lauded for such a feat. I stayed up until 3:00 a.m. reading it the other night. Again, this is a fabulous book. You have done a great service to the world with this information all in one book. - Georgia

I received my copy of your new book the other day and I could not believe the quality and the wealth of information that is on all of those pages. This is one book that is definitely going to make great changes, for the better, in people's lives. I have never seen any other book like this one and I don't think I ever will. Thank you so much for your dedication to your web site and to this book. One very pleased customer - Lena

I am sitting here blown away by the quality of what accomplished. The way woven together health and cooking is so clearly a .first. of its kind and the presentation (visually) is stunning. May it sell beyond your wildest dreams! - Buck

I cannot say enough about this book. I love it! Thank you so much for putting together such a wonderful book. I know I will turn to it and it enjoy for many years to come. - Kathy

I love your new book because I like to eat with diversity and to tell you the truth, it is now my #1 cookbook. I have a nice organic garden and I enjoy your book so much because I can turn it to a page, such as "Kale," and get so many ways to cook it besides reading about the wonderful nutritional qualities. Also that raw kale recipe is so good. I make my own almond milk because of my prescribed diet without dairy and you even have that recipe in there! I also like the cookbook because I don't like being on the computer all the time. To good health- Helen

I love your book. So complete and the information is so reliable, not a bunch of hype. You are really doing a tremendous service. I am personally indebted to you for all the information I have gotten from your book. - Tana

Thank you for bringing the joy of the World's Healthiest Foods into my life and making everything about them easy, practical and a sheer delight! For dinner tonight, we had Swiss chard (steamed and dressed with olive oil, salt, pepper and pecans), healthy steamed green beans, which I then mixed with healthy saut�ed summer squash, and summer onions/scallions, and tossed with olive oil, grated Parmesan, walnuts and seasoned tofu. For dessert, we had deep purple grapes and a piece of dark chocolate. What a fabulous summer dinner, and it took me less than 15 minutes to prepare! Having The Essential Guide decorating my kitchen counter (right next to our stove top where I can quickly check cooking times and get ideas for seasonings) is making my life so much easier, not to mention delicious! HOORAY! And THANK YOU! - Lara

When I came home this evening, your new book had arrived. I immediately sat down to start reading and have already covered several chapters - what a spectacular resource! I have been enjoying your website for a few months and I am terribly excited about having this incredible wealth of information at my immediate disposal. I try to eat healthy; however, I have found that there are very few materials out there to assist with all of the questions that I have concerning the selection, preparation and the nutritional information of the healthy foods. Your website and your new book are certainly comprehensive easy to read. It is truly a blessing to have all of the information in one place. I will use it in my quest for good health and great eating! I look forward to reading the entire book and will continue to visit the website for up-to-date information as it becomes available. Thank you for your life-long mission to promote good health and most importantly, for sharing this information with the world! - Gail

Your book has EXCEEDED my expectations. Waiting for the book has been worth it. Healthy recipes, scientific information, colorful charts/pictures, and most importantly, it is written so that the masses can understand everything this book has to offer. I showed my co-worker and he is now ordering a copy as well. I will be definitely be showcasing this to my other friends and family. Job well done (book and website)! - Frank

Your New Book is Wonderful

I would have sent you an email sooner but I have been totally engrossed in your new book. From the first time I opened the book I began to learn so many new things. I love the section "The Healthiest Way of Cooking" for each food item. The information on garlic and olives alone was enough to convince me that this essential guide for the healthiest way of eating was worth my investment and definitely worth the wait. This book is beautifully designed, easy to read, and packed full of valuable information. You have my deepest appreciation for working so hard to create this valuable resource. I will use it daily. I will also spread the word to my friends and family about your web site and book. - Jeff

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