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How to clean mushrooms and what to do with the stems

Will washing mushrooms under running water end up with water-logged, soggy mushrooms? Although this has long been the belief of the food-wise, research has found that they actually do not absorb much water. Consisting of 80% water before washing, it was found that mushrooms do not soak up much more under the tap. This being said, we still recommend wiping mushrooms with a damp paper towel rather than cleaning them under running water as wetting the surface of mushrooms turns them dark and slimy only minutes after exposing them to the air.

And what about those stems? The stems of most mushrooms are tender and edible however when it comes to shiitake mushrooms, we recommend cutting off the stems before cooking. It seems that the wide cap of the shiitake, along with the woody environment in which it is cultivated requires a sturdy, tough stem to support its growth. The stems may be too tough to eat, but think twice about discarding them because they make excellent soup stock!