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How to Cook Healthy and Enhance the Flavor of Fish

Q. How can I make a quick and easy fish dish that is flavorful?

A. Our Stovetop Searing Cooking method is a wonderful way to prepare fish that is very quick, and seals in the flavor while keeping your fish moist. Many of our recipes incorporate this method.

Preheat a pan on a burner on medium high heat for about 2-3 minutes. While the pan is heating, rub your fish with a little fresh lemon juice and season it with just a little salt and pepper.

Place the fish on the hot pan. Because it is so hot, the fish will be sealed, and its juices trapped inside. Cook for just a couple minutes, depending on the thickness and desired doneness. Turn and cook for another couple minutes on the other side.

Two great examples of this cooking method are:

Q. Can you share any other quick and easy methods for cooking flavorful fish?

A. Sure. Here's a variation on poaching fish that delivers a delicious meal using only one pan.

Choose several from among whatever vegetables you have on hand-for example, onions, carrots, string beans, potatoes, winter squash, broccoli, mushrooms.

Chop enough to cover the surface of a medium-sized frying pan, add to the pan and simmer in a small amount of liquid, such as chicken or vegetable broth.

When the vegetables are almost al dente (in about 3 minutes), simply place a piece of fish on top of them, cover and let simmer for a few minutes longer. White fish, such as snapper, cod or halibut, work very well in this method. The fish steams on top of the vegetables and adds a lot of flavor to the broth.

Transfer to a serving dish, spooning the liquid over all of it, and enjoy! For extra flavor and nutrition, add some fresh herbs to the fish and vegetables while they are cooking.

Two superb examples of this cooking method are: